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Base Preparation

Base Preparation

Concrete buildings need to be installed on a permanent, perfectly flat, level and square concrete base.

It is recommended that the base be at least 4” thick and at least 6” longer and 6” wider than the garage to be supplied.

How to ensure the base is square:

  1. Set the first corner of the shuttering at 90⁰, check by marking 3ft along one edge and 4ft along the other edge.
  2. Measure across the two marks, this should be 5ft.
  3. If under then move one edge out, if over move in to the exact dimension.
  4. Set the rest of the shuttering to the correct dimension, check the diagonals A and B, these should be equal.
  5. Make sure when tampering the concrete you get it as smooth as possible, no humps or hollows.

A badly laid base will only lead to problems when it comes to erecting the building. An out of square base can lead to the garage running off the edge. A sloping base can give staggered joints, an uneven roof and cause problems when fitting the door. If the base is not acceptable we will not be able to build the garage and we reserve the right to charge £195.00 (Scotland £300) for the abortive trip.